See You Soon: Young Explorers: Level 2

Category: Additional tutorials

Barcode: 9781405060080

Additional information

Глубина упаковки: 245

Автор: Barbara Mitchelhill

ISBN: 978-1-4050-6008-0

Автор на обложке: Barbara Mitchelhill

Высота упаковки: 3

Серия: Macmillan English Explorers

Год выпуска: 2006

Type of publication: Separate edition

Вес: 110

Язык издания: English

Publishing format: 185x245

Pages: 32

Cover: Paperback

Издательство: Macmillan Education

Color illustrations: Yes

Ширина упаковки: 185

Book description

Holly's friend Sarah goes away on holiday for a week. Sarah goes to the beach and explores the holiday town. Back at home, Holly and Tom have a good time, too. Macmillan English Explorers have been written specifically for young learners of English. They bring first language teaching methods to reading lessons in international classrooms.

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